Mahesh Prasad


Mahesh Prasad is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Mysore. You can Start your day with a satisfying breakfast of idli, Vada, sambhar and chutney or choose from one of the many varieties of dosas or eat the tasty kesari  bath. You can visit the restaurant during lunch and enjoy the wholesome south Indian thali or the north Indian meals and finish off with some creamy dessert. In the evenings, you can order the Chinese fried rice or chowmein or even enjoy the enjoy the gobi Manchurian and sip some fresh fruit Juice. If you on a liquid diet or just want to quench your thirst, don’t miss the heavenly strawberry milkshake. For the sweet lovers they can try the famous Mysore pak.

Whatever time of the day you choose to visit Mahesh Prasad, the food is simply delicious and the prices are affordable for any middle class family. However you got to wait your turn because of the rush. Once you tast the food here, perhaps you wouldn’t mind even the waiting pain.

The restaurant is clean and the service is quite prompt. There are 3 spacious dining rooms and a few tables on the portico with comfortable chairs and tables, and plenty of car parking spaces on the main road just outside the restaurant. The tasty and healthy food served in this makes it a convenient place for the vegetarian tourists and anybody who wants to savour the best of Mysore food.


Food & Dinning
  • Tiffin/Breakfast
  • Variety of Dosas
  • South Indian Thali
  • North Indian Meals
  • Chats
  • Chinese Foods
  • Fresh Fruit Juice
  • Hot & Cold Beverages

The prices are moderate; service is quick and friendly.

Elena , Russia